Because every human being matters, we implement concrete support initiatives and solutions to help educate, treat, protect, feed, dress and empower the neediest, as well as care for seniors.


Feeding, dressing, educating and bringing hope to the hopeless. we can’t achieve this great cause without your support. Giving to the poor is the best prayer!


Volunteers do not necessarily have the time; they just have a heart.

Recent Causes

  1. Bring Clean Water
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    Water is life, yet millions of persons around the world lack access to clean water. Help bring clean water where it is most needed and make a lasting impact in a community!
  2. Support Education
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    Millions of poor children around the world do not have access to education. Be part of something great, help build a classroom and provide desks for these kids.
  3. Help the Poor
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    Millions of children die in the world every year due to hunger and extreme poverty. Please, do not turn turn your back to those in need. Your $10 donation can feed a child for a week!
  4. Sponsor a Child
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    Millions of orphans and poor kids are abandoned to themselves in the world. They are smart, bold and dedicated, but they have no one else to give them a chance. Sponsor a child and experience the happiness of being a child’s hero!
  5. Help the Seniors
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    Millions of seniors are victim of Slip-and-Fall Accidents and Injuries in the world each year, including fatal accidents. A wheelchair, a walker or non-slip shoes could save a Senior’s life!
  6. Support Health
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    A good health condition is the foundation for any sustainable development effort. Your donation has the power to save the lives of sick kids, seniors and the underprivileged; donate where it is most needed and make a lasting impact

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Uniting hand, let's make the world a better place for the poor!

We are served since 35 years to helpless people with trust and we are happy

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