About Us

We wish to bring many good things to life.

Who We Are

UNEED CANADA is a registered Canadian not for profit organization dedicated to providing assistance to persons in need and addressing poverty around the world, especially in Africa, through education, health and development support that directly benefit the neediest population.

Because every human being matters, we implement concrete support initiatives and solutions to help educate, treat, protect, feed, dress and empower the neediest, as well as care for seniors. Our Programs are exclusively implemented by dedicated volunteers in Canada, USA, Europe and Africa, with the support of our partners, in the communities where we work.

We are a vibrant, dynamic and strongly engaged team committed to lifting the needy out of extreme poverty and hunger and catalyzing positive change and development.

We are Helping Hands

Our Vision

Our vision is aligned with global sustainable development goals to eradicate poverty and extreme poverty in the world; eliminate hunger; achieve good health for all; promote equitable access to education for all; promote access to safe drinking water and sanitation, as well as promote women empowerment and reduce inequalities.

With over 50% of global poor (World Bank 2015, Sub-Saharan Africa continues to bear the highest poverty burden on the globe, a situation further exacerbated by chronic political instability and conflicts, recurring disease outbreaks, high maternal and child mortality rates, low literacy rates, chronic malnutrition, etc. Despite the huge amount of development assistance that major international donors have been mobilizing for the past 50 years to fight extreme poverty in Africa through a top – to – bottom approach, the continent continues to bear the brunt of global poverty, with those interventions having only little impact on lifting the neediest out of poverty in Africa.

UNEED CANADA believes that a bottom-up approach is the fastest and most effective way to sustainably break the vicious circle of poverty in Africa, as the development assistance and related interventions directly benefit the poorest and the neediest people.

Our Mission

Our mission is to help reduce the number of people living in extreme poverty, especially in Africa, by implementing programs that directly empower, leverage and increase the productive capacities of the poor and by supporting the enterprising poor to work their way out of poverty and hunger, as quickly as possible. We see this approach as the most rapid and cost effective way to sustainably address extreme poverty and hunger.


UNEED CANADA also relies on its expanding vibrant community of volunteers from across the world, who are very active in raising people’s awareness about the urgent need to help poor children, collecting donations and delivering assistance to the target donees. Your help is key to the success of our interventions.