What we do

What we do

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Poverty and Extreme Poverty Alleviation

Poverty locks whole generations in precarious living conditions, malnutrition, lack of health care, lack of drinking water, etc., weakening their health condition, hence the proliferation of all kinds of recurring pandemics and disease outbreaks, especially in sub-Saharan Africa. With support from donors, UNEED CANADA is committed to breaking the vicious circle of poverty in developing countries, especially in Africa, by:


  • Providing clothing, shoes, food, clean water, mattresses/beddings and shelter to the neediest
  • Raising awareness about child labor, female education, youth and women empowerment
  • Fostering street children social integration via food-for-work and cash-for-work programs and other breadwinning activities
  • Taking care of orphans, disabled children, street children (by providing them food, clothing, education, health).
  • Providing food and food kits for the needy
  • Advocating and raising awareness about child labor, female education as well as youth and women empowerment
  • Enhancing rural and breadwinners livelihoods (by granting micro-credits)

Supporting subsistence farming initiatives (by providing improved seeds, inputs, tools)

Youth Education and Training

Millions of children do not have access to education in the world. UNEED CANADA believes that defending children’s right to education is a must, because education is a key to development. With support from partners and donors, UNEED CANADA works to break youth education and training barriers, by providing basic education and vocational training opportunities for the underprivileged, in order to curb poverty and unemployment. Our interventions include:

  • Building, rehabilitating or equipping classrooms or schools
  • Providing books, computers, school uniforms, furniture and other supplies
  • Supporting education/training costs and granting scholarships (tuition…)

Promoting education/training sponsorship for the needy

Health support

A good health condition is the foundation for any sustainable development effort. With support from partners and donors, UNEED CANADA is providing sick kids, seniors and the underprivileged with a multifaceted support and access to improved health services, including:

  • Distributing toys to sick kids to help entertain them
  • Providing wheelchairs, walkers and various other forms of support to seniors
  • Building, rehabilitating or equipping health facilities
  • Organizing awareness and information campaigns on primary care, family planning, sex education and immunization in rural settings.
  • Supporting vulnerable children suffering from malnutrition
  • Health care support for underprivileged children and mothers
  • Providing insecticide-treated nets and other health kits
  • Providing improved water, electricity and sanitation services (in schools/health facilities/community settings)

Providing access to safe drinking water by building and maintaining community Wells

Advocacy and Volunteering
  • Organizing advocacy campaigns to raise the awareness of the Canadian and international communities about the urgent need to stand for the underprivileged children around the world and especially in Africa.
  • Organizing volunteer and work camp programs where good will people from across the world can join hands and skills with the local population to foster developmental and make the world a better place for the underprivileged kids.


UNEED CANADA also relies on its expanding vibrant community of volunteers from across the world, who are very active in raising people’s awareness about the urgent need to help poor children, collecting donations and delivering assistance to the target donees. Your help is key to the success of our interventions.

Recent Causes

  1. Bring Clean Water
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    Water is life, yet millions of persons around the world lack access to clean water. Help bring clean water where it is most needed and make a lasting impact in a community!
  2. Support Education
    Donated: $0.00
    Millions of poor children around the world do not have access to education. Be part of something great, help build a classroom and provide desks for these kids.
  3. Help the Poor
    Donated: $0.00
    Millions of children die in the world every year due to hunger and extreme poverty. Please, do not turn turn your back to those in need. Your $10 donation can feed a child for a week!
  4. Sponsor a Child
    Donated: $0.00
    Millions of orphans and poor kids are abandoned to themselves in the world. They are smart, bold and dedicated, but they have no one else to give them a chance. Sponsor a child and experience the happiness of being a child’s hero!
  5. Help the Seniors
    Donated: $0.00
    Millions of seniors are victim of Slip-and-Fall Accidents and Injuries in the world each year, including fatal accidents. A wheelchair, a walker or non-slip shoes could save a Senior’s life!