Supporting Health

Health support

A good health condition is the foundation for any sustainable development effort. With support from partners and donors, UNEED CANADA is providing sick kids, seniors and the underprivileged with a multifaceted support and access to improved health services, including:

  • Distributing toys to sick kids to help entertain them
  • Providing wheelchairs, walkers and various other forms of support to seniors
  • Building, rehabilitating or equipping health facilities
  • Organizing awareness and information campaigns on primary care, family planning, sex education and immunization in rural settings.
  • Supporting vulnerable children suffering from malnutrition
  • Health care support for underprivileged children and mothers
  • Providing insecticide-treated nets and other health kits
  • Providing improved water, electricity and sanitation services (in schools/health facilities/community settings)
  • Providing access to safe drinking water by building and maintaining community Wells

Recent Causes

  1. Bring Clean Water
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    Water is life, yet millions of persons around the world lack access to clean water. Help bring clean water where it is most needed and make a lasting impact in a community!
  2. Support Education
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    Millions of poor children around the world do not have access to education. Be part of something great, help build a classroom and provide desks for these kids.
  3. Help the Poor
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    Millions of children die in the world every year due to hunger and extreme poverty. Please, do not turn turn your back to those in need. Your $10 donation can feed a child for a week!
  4. Sponsor a Child
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    Millions of orphans and poor kids are abandoned to themselves in the world. They are smart, bold and dedicated, but they have no one else to give them a chance. Sponsor a child and experience the happiness of being a child’s hero!
  5. Help the Seniors
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    Millions of seniors are victim of Slip-and-Fall Accidents and Injuries in the world each year, including fatal accidents. A wheelchair, a walker or non-slip shoes could save a Senior’s life!